Four Menu Ideas For The Grand Opening Of Your Food Truck Business In Texas

You are new to the food truck business, and it is no surprise that you’ve thousands of things running through your mind. Of course, one thing that constantly running through your mind is your menu. To help the new mobile kitchen owners out there, here we have mentioned top 4 menu ideas that they must want to imply.


Add a popular meal:

How are you supposed to add a popular meal when you’re new to the food truck business & don’t even know what’s going to attract the customers?

Here is what we intend by this: Add any popular meal in general to your food menu. For instance, a burger & fries, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken fingers, a salad and any type of sandwich.

Obviously, you wish to incorporate a popular meal option that relates to the concept of your food truck. However, it isn’t bad idea to have a meal that majorities of the people are used to, because you never know who’s going to order from your truck – this popular stuff might stand out to them.

Get seasonal with your food menu:

You must have to get seasonal with your food menu if you wish to attract customers towards your food trucks year-round. Now, you don’t need to change your whole menu, but it’d be smart to incorporate a couple of different meals for the summer and winter. For instance, add some sort of soup in the winter, and a cold desert to your summer menu.

Always add your unique twist:
If you want to stand out in the competitive food truck business, then you must add your unique twist to your meals.

Let’s say you are following a Mexican food concept, and let’s also say you wish to incorporate a burger to your food menu as a popular meal. How do you integrate your unique twist to something like that? Well, it’s absolutely up to you! There is actually an unlimited choice to spice up the meal, and you certainly can add your own twist to even the most basic meals by using your creativity.

Don’t ignore the beverage department:

When you’re in the verge of giving your food truck business a grand opening, it is pretty easy to overlook the beverage department. However, this shouldn’t be the case if you are really looking to grab the attention of customers’ from the very beginning of your business.

While it’s perfectly fine for your mobile kitchen to carry a soda/pop machine, it’s also a smart idea to add some homemade beverages, like mango tea, milkshakes, smoothies, etc.

Hence a Food truck needs a custom design which can cater a food preparation space, storage space, food display space and obviously the entire floor plan need to very interesting. After all it’s moving kitchen for you and the Style of food truck does matter.  Considering Italian, American, Chinese, Indian or fusion or even deserts, sandwiches and smoothies? Creating a breakfast or meal menu could be an overwhelming task, but selecting the right food truck by choosing the correct equipment and custom layout can make it happen. Considering a Food truck Builder is a right choice for such business success.


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