Why You Should Start Food Truck Catering Amidst COVID-19

Why You Should Start Food Truck Catering Amidst COVID-19

With the arrival of the COVID-19, the whole restaurant-clientele dynamic has changed significantly. The pandemic has confined the entire US in their homes, knee led away from each other. Missing the regular flow of dinners, the restaurant industry lost approximately $150 billion in terms of revenue in just the first few months of the outbreak.

Almost thirty thousand eateries have had to shut their doors – as if owning an eatery was not hard enough.

Luckily, some new entrepreneurs and business savvy owners have turned to endure this disaster. They have begun doing take-out, delivery, and even meal kits to keep their businesses alive. Some even have shifted to the mobile restaurant business with the help of food truck manufacturers.

Food Truck

Food truck catering can be the alternative to regular restaurant dining:

Not many people are quite comfortable eating in crowds yet. There is still a fear of being exposed to the virus, but the restaurant experience is badly missed by a lot of people.

Takeout & delivery have been in demand since the beginning of the epidemic. You can take advantage of this at-home eating marketing with the best alternative: food truck catering.

With most people stuck at home, house parties and backyard get together parties have replaced going out. Those backyard parties require catering.

You can take this opportunity to get a foothold in the market and partner with local areas and neighbour hoods to promote your food truck catering business.

In this pandemic time, some folks don’t wish to leave their houses at all. Your food truck catering may be their only chance to pander in the homesick dining experience.

Taste success with low overhead:

Restaurant on wheels, food trucks operate at a fraction of the cost.

In this dreadful financial state, the majority of businesses cannot afford to keep the lights on, let alone issue paychecks. Eateries run on margin-thin returns due to their substantial fixed & variable costs.

Luckily, a food truck business doesn’t encounter the production mounting problems that a typical restaurant faces. You need maximum one or two employees to operate efficiently. Since menus in a food truck business are manageably small, you can run a business with minimal staff.

Food trucks are ideal for catering, have low overhead, and don’t face the same stringent regulations as restaurants.

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